13 October 2021 / 12:10

Top Glove’s Zero harm on Mental Health Programme was launched recently, in conjunction with World Mental Health Day, and is part of a comprehensive safety and wellness action plan for the company’s employees.

SHAH ALAM: In an effort to raise mental health awareness in the corporate sector, promote mental wellness and break the stigma about mental health in the workplace, Top Glove Corporation Bhd (Top Glove) launched its ‘Zero Harm’ on Mental Health programme, in conjunction with World Mental Health Day.

Initiated by the Top Glove Global Doctors (TGGD) Mental Health Clinical and Crisis Support Team, this programme, together with the existing Zero Harm and Safety Health Emergency Preparedness Programme introduced in 2019, provides a comprehensive safety and wellness action plan for Top Glove employees.

‘Zero Harm’ is a conceptual approach to heighten the occupational safety of a workplace, whereby a workplace operates without exposing an individual to injury, through the implementation of safe work environment systems.

The Zero Harm culture has been introduced at Top Glove as an additional initiative, over and above complying with safety and health requirements set out by the Department of Health and Safety (DOSH).

At the launch of the programme at Top Glove Tower in Setia Alam, Shah Alam, Top Glove founder and executive chairman, Tan Sri Dr Lim Wee Chai, said: “The objectives of the Zero Harm on Mental Health programme are to promote mental health awareness and break the stigma on mental health, so we can create a supportive, respectful and inclusive environment at the workplace.

“We, as leaders especially, must be role models in promoting corporate mental wellness.”

The Zero Harm on Mental Health programme aims to provide preventive measures through psychoeducation and training, to create awareness amongst employees and enable them to prepare themselves, identify who might be at risk, and know who they can reach out to for help.

As part of the programme, there will be posters and information cards in seven different languages in factories, offices and hostels on how staff and workers can reach out for help, as well as tips on how they can manage their mental wellbeing.

The TGGD Mental Health Clinical and Crisis Support Team also looks forward to rolling out this information card via the Workers Learning App, which all workers have access to.

On top of that, the Zero Harm on Mental Health programme also aims to manage crisis and employees’ mental health symptoms through crisis intervention and counselling, as well as psychotherapy.

The TGGD Mental Health Clinical and Crisis Team consists of a multidisciplinary team of medical as well as mental health professionals, enabling the mental wellbeing of the employees to be managed in a systemic and holistic way.

TGGD medical and managing director, Dr Navindra Nageswaran, said: “The pandemic has affected people’s mental wellbeing in an unprecedented manner. TGGD established a Mental Health Clinical and Crisis Support Team in July 2020, to manage the mental health of Top Glove employees.

“Aside from offering mental health services such as counselling and psychotherapy sessions, we also conduct regular mental wellness webinar and trainings for employees. And all employees can use their medical allowance to access these services, at a heavily subsidised rate, which is not yet common practice among organisations.”

Zero Harm on Mental Health Programme Lead and TGGD Mental Health counsellor, Cheryl Chin, said: “The stigma on mental health has always been a barrier for employees to reach out for mental health support.

“It is important for us all to normalise seeking mental health support, so employees who struggle with their mental health do not feel ashamed or threatened to ask for help.”

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