15 December 2018 / 12:12

Kuala Lumpur: Top Glove Corporation Bhd has denied allegations made by foreign news reports accusing it of forced labour, excessive overtime, debt bondage and passport confiscation. In a statement on Friday, Top Glove said the company has abided by the Malaysian labour law and implemented strict measures to ensure that the overtime undertaken by its workers does not exceed the maximum limit permitted under the law.

"The Minister of Human Resources had directed his officials to conduct random checks at our factory premises in a few locations last week and paid an impromptu visit to Top Glove's factories on Dec 10.

"The Minister has also clarified that there was no element of forced labour, forced overtime and debt bondage at Top Glove," it said.

On allegations of workers receiving low wages and being underpaid for their overtime, Top Glove said it fully complied with the Malaysian minimum wage policy, while overtime pay is calculated based on labour law.

Top Glove also denied allegation made by the news report which claimed that Top Glove confiscated migrant workers' passports.

"In the interest of safeguarding these important documents, their passports are kept in a passport safekeeping room with individual lockers, to which workers have free access anytime.

"Continuous education on the importance of passport handling and safekeeping is conducted prior to starting their job in Top Glove and regularly during refresher briefings," it said.

The company said it has many health initiatives and measures in place to ensure that workers were well taken care of, with access to in-house super-clinic, staffed with two doctors, one dentist and three nurses, adding that the workers also undergo a blood test at least once a year.

The article claimed that Top Glove declined to respond directly when asked to comment on the matter, however, the company said it was not contacted by the publication and was not given the opportunity to comment on the allegations made in the article.

"We view the allegations made in the article seriously as they gravely undermine the good reputation of the company," it added.-Bernama


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