09 April 2015 / 12:04

Disciplined routine: Apart from golf and badminton, Lim practises yoga twice a week.


KLANG: Every morning, Tan Sri Lim Wee Chai, 57, climbs up two flights of stairs to his office at the headquarters of Top Glove in Klang, Selangor.

His evenings are filled with sessions of badminton, golf and yoga. Apart from taking regular meals, getting seven hours of sleep is also a must for the health enthusiast.

One might be inclined to ask: where does the chairman and founder of the world’s largest rubber glove manufacturer find the time for everything?

“It all boils down to discipline,” said Lim, who started down the path of wellness 24 years ago when he founded the company.

“I always tell people that work is my hobby; exercise is my duty. I plan to live until I am 100 and work until I am 90.”

Lim also attri­buted his good health to the discipline of brushing his teeth three times a day.

“You’d be surprised to find that many people only brush their teeth once a day. Regular brushing can help minimise bad bacteria in our mouths, which can go on to cause us all kinds of health problems.

“In the past, I used to get a sore throat every two to three months. After I started regular brushing, and changed my diet to include more vegetables, I could imme­diately feel the difference,” said Lim.

The staff at Top Glove are all equipped with free dental ­products to encourage the healthy habit.

The company practises a non-smoking policy – there is even a clear mandate for not hiring smokers.

“The body is like a factory. If you want to produce good ­products, you need to ensure that you only use quality raw materials. Eat well, exercise well, and sleep well – you will lose ­nothing when you start taking up healthier habits,” Lim advised.

For those interested in keeping fit, get tips from experts about various health issues at the FitForLife Fair 2015.

The exhibition will be held in Halls 1 to 3 at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre from April 10 to 12.

A collaboration between The Star and Great Eastern Life, the theme is “Get Fit. Live Great!”

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