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 Ongoing collaboration preserves the natural environment and supports the livelihoods of the local community 

Shah Alam, Monday, 4 September 2023 Top Glove Corporation Bhd (“Top Glove”) reaffirms its dedication to environmental conservation and community empowerment through a recent mangrove planting event at the Sijangkang Mangrove Recreational Park (“SMRP”) near Banting in Selangor, on Saturday, 2 September 2023. This collaborative effort underlines the company’s commitment to conserving nature and supporting the livelihoods of the local community.

Since its inception in March 2021, the glove manufacturer’s flagship Mangrove Nursery and Plantation project at SMRP has been a driving force in preserving the natural environment and uplifting the local community. What was once a site plagued by illegal dumping has been reinvigorated by the collective endeavours of Kampung Sijangkang villagers, transforming it into a space with a strong emphasis on preservation, education and recreation. Coming in as its first corporate partner, Top Glove, through its charitable arm, Top Glove Foundation (“TGF”), has played a pivotal role in safeguarding this invaluable mangrove ecosystem.  This initiative not only showcases Top Glove’s unwavering commitment to raising awareness about the importance of preserving our natural environment, but also highlights its dedication to fostering sustainable practices for a greener future.    

The weekend’s event witnessed remarkable engagement, with dedicated Top Glove employees and Board members, coming together to plant mangrove propagules, or young mangrove plants. To date, TGF has established three nurseries and nurtured over 3,750 young mangrove plants. These efforts have also garnered support from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) for their research on mangrove conservation and restoration

Mr. Lim Cheong Guan, Top Glove Managing Director, said: “Mangrove forests are vital for coastal resilience, carbon absorption, fisheries protection, and erosion prevention. With their remarkable carbon storage capacity, these ‘blue carbon’ ecosystems contribute substantially to curbing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change. Preserving these ecosystems is thus of paramount importance.”

“As a homegrown business entity, we recognise our responsibility towards communities and continue to be guided by our belief in doing well by doing good. Today’s event is born of our ongoing collaboration with the Sijangkang Mangrove Recreational Park committee. It aligns harmoniously with our commitment to global sustainability endeavours and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 15 (Life on Land) and 17 (Partnerships for the Goals),” Mr. Lim added.

Tuan Suhaimi bin Sanusi, Community Head from Taman Rekreasi Paya Bakau, Kampung Sijangkang, said: “The local community had worked hard to rehabilitate the site so that it is a space where people can come to relax and to learn about one of our most precious natural resources. We are grateful to have the support of corporates, such as Top Glove, educational institutions such as Universiti Putra Malaysia, and statutory agencies such as Forest Research Institute Malaysia, to help our ongoing efforts in preserving and improving this park.”

To sustain the park’s role as a recreational and educational hub, TGF has also contributed to the development of a nearby ‘Team Building’ course, enhancing its appeal to younger visitors. Furthermore, the organisation has also undertaken enhancements such as painting rest area amenities, including toilets, tables, and chairs, to improve the visitor experience.

Looking forward, TGF’s vision for the project involves establishing more mangrove nurseries, supporting the upkeep of existing ones, and continually improving park facilities. These initiatives will not only protect the mangrove forest but also offer a sustainable income stream for the local community.

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Top Glove Corporation Bhd is listed on the Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange Main Board and Singapore Exchange Mainboard. It is also one of the component stocks of the FBM Top 100 Index, FBM Emas Index, FBM Hijrah Syariah Index, FBM Emas Syariah Index and the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for Emerging Markets. Top Glove is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of gloves with an established corporate culture and good business direction of producing consistently high quality, cost efficient gloves. Top Glove has over 2,000 customers worldwide and exports to more than 195 countries.